Dmitry V. Treschev is academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Director of the Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS.

Areas of scientific interests:

  1. Dynamic systems of classical mechanics;


  2. Iintegrability and nonintegrability;


  3. Dynamic stability;


  4. KAM theory;


  5. Splitting of separatrix;


  6. Averaging in fast-slow systems;


  7. Chaos in Hamiltonian dynamics;


  8. Arnold’s diffusion;


  9. Statistical mechanics;


  10. Ergodic theory. Scientific recognition: Author of two monographs and more than 60 articles published in peer-review journals;


Invited presenter at more than 50 international scientific conferences;

Leader of more than 10 scientific research teams;

Presided over five Russian national and international conferences;

Member of the editorial boards of the following scientific journals: "Nonlinearity", "Chaos", "Regular and Chaotic Dynamics" and "Mathematical

Notes". Awards and distinctions: RF state prize for young scientists;

A. M. Lyapunov Prize.